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Deposit Deposit (Bank Draft) should be 5%/10% of property price on Subject Removal Date and will be deposited to Broker's Trust Account on behalf of Buyer.
Down Payment Can be from $0 and up. You must have good credit and an income to service the mortgage. Can also pay all cash. The Down Payment will be need on Completion Date as a Bank Draft or Bank can transfer funds to Lawyer/Notary Public Trust Account.
Property Transfer Tax Calculation is 1% on 1st $200,000.00 and 2% on the balance. For example, if the property price is $400,000.00, then Property Transfer Tax will be $6,000.00. Full exemption up to $425,000.00(effective on Feb/2008). If you meet certain conditions you may be exempt.
GST If you purchase a new strata or a new home, you may have to pay GST. It will be vary with the price of the property. If it is not new strata or a new home you pay no GST.
Lawyer/Notary Public Fee The Property will be registered by Lawyer/Notary Public. Notary Public cannot give Legal advice. Prices vary.
Home Inspection Before you remove your subjects, it is good idea to have your future home. When you buy a new property, you will have a walk-thru with your agent and the Builder.
Appraisal Fee Lending Institutions (like bank) will appraise the property for your Mortgage. Most will pay the fee.
Mortgage Application Fee Some Lending Institutions charge
Moving Fee You need to make arrangements with a Moving Company or rent a moving and move yourself with friends help.
Appliances Check the warranty and ask for manuals
Insurance It is important to have home insurance. If you need a Mortgage, home insurance is mandatory. For Strata property, fire insurance for the building is included in strata fee but not your assets. You need chattel insurance.